OSTWESTING, Hello! We are Berlins new street casting unit! Berlins streets, the underground, cafes and clubs offer today the most authentic, diverse and unique faces a city has to offer , probably like no other city in the world. OSTWESTING enables you to assign these characters to your ideas, your campaigns, your films or your photo shoots.
We are photographers working in fashion, news and advertising and we go on the search for you. Give us a call, email us and let us get to work on the streets!

OSTWESTING, Hallo! Wir sind die neue Streetcasting Einheit Berlins! Berlins Strassen, die U-Bahnen, Cafés und Clubs bieten zurzeit so viele authentische, abwechslungsreiche und einzigartige Gesichter wie vielleicht keine zweite Stadt auf der Welt. OSTWESTING gibt Euch die Möglichkeit, diese Charaktere für Eure Bildideen, Eure Kampagnen und Eure redaktionellen Strecken zu finden. Wir, Photographen aus Mode, Reportage und Werbung, gehen für Euch auf die Suche. Ruft uns an, schreibt uns und schickt uns auf die Straße!

Next studio session is coming soon! Stay tuned and write an e-mail if you want to apply for the files and get invited to the next casting!
>> hello@ostwesting.com
OW updated the homepage after our 13th studio session. Have a look and find new and also well known faces online!
Wow, what a good time. After our new star, our son Jules Toni was born (*04.04.12), we were working every week on a different project. We've finished two jobs for Lufthansa, we worked for a worldwide Denon campaign, We found 60 native speakers for a tv spot in UK und did a job on finding people for Telekom!
Now check our new faces. We are very proud who we found the last weeks and are looking forward to find more!!!
New Casting Project starting on Thursday, 15th of March!
We're casting 10 people for the new campaign of Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross). Grannny and grandson, papa&mama with a little child, young couples and old friends. Very tricky, but very real and authentic.
We gonna be out for January, so call us on our mobile:

Im Januar sind wir nur bedingt ber Festnetz erreichbar. Daher mobil unter:

This is brand new! Please see our results of two castings in 2011. One for OBI hardware store where we found Barbara. And the other one for Mercedes and Anke Luckmann, who asked us to go to Stuttgart to find the real mechanics for their Mercedes Sprinter campaign.

PBLC DSGN - Daniel Behrens and Jan Schaab for a fantastic state of the art Corporate Design.


Dominik Wilkowski for the unbelievable work on this homepage. We didn't know it could all be that easy.

Yvonne Amankwa and John Brmstrup went to Stuttgart in November 2011 to cast car mechanics for an upcoming Mercedes Benz Sprinter campaign photographed by Anke Luckmann from Barcelona. Stay tuned for the results!

Anke Luckmann Photography
We casted Barbara in Berlin in October 2011. She made it to become the model for a OBI campaign in 2012. Hooray for Barbara!